Window Lock Installation

All too often people will take the right precaution in making sure their doors are well secured but forget the most common way thieves and trespassers gain access to properties; windows. When advising home and business owners in regards to security we will always suggest the deployment of heavy duty window locks to further prevent thieves from gaining access.

All of the window lock products used by Silverkey are high quality, adhere to Australian standards and have passed our own rigorous testing to ensure they stand up against tampering and force. All of our window lock solutions feature one way screws that further enhance the protection they provide.

Our experience means we have seen it all so no matter the type of window we can provide the best outcome possible which gives you the most security. We can take care of simple lock fittings or carry out complete installations of sliding locks and deadbolts.

We carry a wide range of window lock solutions from trusted names in the industry including Lockwood, Whitco and Carbine. We can install these locks on a variety of window types which means we can provide the best security solutions possible for sliding windows, flyscreens and metal framed windows.