Restricted Key Systems

The purpose of a restricted key system is to provide certain people access to a room or building while restricting others to different parts of the premises. If you have a multitude of staff that need to access various parts of your workplace a restricted key system can let them go where they are authorised to and prevent them from accessing rooms they are not meant to be in.

The restricted keys are not able to be duplicated without a letter or order that is signed by the purchaser or signatories of the locking system. This means you get peace of mind knowing you have complete control of what keys are out there and who is able to access what.

This duplication restriction is extremely useful for property agents or people who own properties that they lease out for weekends on sites such as Airbnb. When you install restricted key systems in these properties you know exactly how many keys are available and will be made aware should any keys be lost which compromises the security of your property.

We stock a range of restricted key systems from trusted industry brands such as Lockwood and can provide obligation free assessments of your property to get the complete picture of what you need. We can supply and install around the clock depending on what time works best for your business or tenants and can also carry out key cutting provided we are supplied with the right documentation.