Cabinet Lock Installation

Do you want to keep your documents or precious belongings safe from theft? Maybe you just want to keep your children away when they take to exploring as they often do. When you least expect it your important files might become the latest canvass for a work of art. Perhaps you have dangerous chemicals in the shed or tools you want to keep out of prying arms.

Silverkey provides a complete range of cabinet locks that are designed to fit all types of doors and give you more security than a simple latch can ever provide. This gives you complete peace of mind that your precious or dangerous goods are as safe as the people around them.

We just don’t sell cabinet locks but also provide the installation of them both in our store and as part of our mobile locksmith service. If you can’t bring the cabinet to us we will bring the lock to the cabinet with free quotes and onsite inspections. If you are a business we understand the need to work around your schedule and can work with you to ascertain the best time possible to carry out any cabinet lock installations.