Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are a security solution that involves using cards, tokens or even biometric information to give access to areas of your premises. These systems are perfect for multi user access and feature enhanced security benefits such as remote control and restriction.

Normally if you were to remove someone’s access to your building you would have to collect the key or change the locks. Access control systems allow you to remove the privilege of a user’s card or token without having to retrieve it. Our access control systems often come with software that enable you to control it from any pc anywhere in the world.

Cards and tokens being much more disposable due to cost also makes this a great system for larger companies that might have visitors appearing regularly. If you know someone is coming you can create a security card for them that is set to grant access to certain areas of the building within a certain timeframe. Once the cards parameters are set you can relax knowing the system will take care of everything including voiding the access of the visitor.

Some further advantages of using access control systems include:

  • Manage the system from any location
  • Manage multiple locations from one point
  • Assign or suspend access remotely
  • Change access privileges on the fly in real time
  • Get access to event logs for reports
  • Manage and enforce lockdowns
  • Easy maintenance that can be carried out by anyone
  • Can integrate your access control with your CCTV or fire alarm