Safe Opening & Installation

No matter if you are a commercial or residential property, a safe is the best way to protect your valuable belongings. A good safe can not only protect your valuables from thieves but also from environmental disasters such as fire.

Given the variance in sizes, models and tiers of safes it is important to consult with a professional regarding the right product for your needs. Our knowledge and experience means we can work with you to get the right safe and can carry out the installation so you know everything is completely taken care of.

We have a massive range of safes in stock from trusted brands such as CMI, Chubb and Yale and can carry out safe repairs and openings as well.  Some of the types of safes we have in stock include: Home, Wall, In floor, Fire resistant, Gun safe, Floor standing, General office, Data media, Security filing cabinets

Safe Repair

Can’t get into your own safe? Lock jammed? We can repair your safes locking mechanism and get you back on track in a timely manner. If you find yourself experiencing issues with opening or closing your safe then we always recommend contacting a professional to take a look. Getting a part repaired will always be cheaper and faster than having to replace the safe completely should it stop working altogether.

Safe Opening

Sometimes you get locked out and there is little that can be done. Maybe you have lost your key or your code or it could simply be a major malfunction. Silverkey can gain access to your precious belongings and will always try to do so without drilling the safe if possible. If we can get in there without the drill then there is a good chance we can repair the issue which saves you from having to purchase and install a new safe.

Safe Installation

As mentioned above, once you have determined the best safe for your security needs we can install and bolt down the safe. We believe there is very little point in having a safe if it can be easily carried away. We will help work out the best location for it and take care of every aspect of the safes installation for your complete peace of mind.

Safe Servicing

As your safes lock has many intricate parts it’s vital that an experienced professional carry out the service. Silverkey Locksmiths will completely disassemble the lock to clean and examine all parts before applying fresh lubricant. We will have your safe back in pristine condition before you know it.

Being Proactive Is The Key

Being proactive in terms of your safes overall health including the locking mechanism prevents having to replace the safe due to it malfunctioning. Not many people consider having their safe serviced but it can save you time and money down the road. This is particularly true if your safe is opened every day or multiple times a week.