Key Cabinets & Safes

The importance of establishing a secure key control system is all too often not considered by business owners across Wynnum. While making sure your doors and windows are secured is of utmost importance, ensuring the keys to unlock them are also safe is vital to maintaining a completely secure environment.

Enhancing your building security with Key Cabinets

The feeling of losing a key carries with it a sense of dread because we know someone now has potential access to our property.

Not only does a key cabinet increase the overall security of a building it can also help improve the workflow of a commercial space. Keys can be taken and returned to a central location which means access is monitored and people don’t need to chase down staff members to get the key should they need it.

Key cabinets are becoming increasingly more common in complete security solutions for these very reasons and Silverkey Locksmiths stock a wide range of key security options with features such as changeable combination locks, easy mounting and tagging systems. This provides tracking via key logging which means you know who took what and when.

Safes for Residential & Commercial properties in Wynnum

There are many different types of safes on the market designed to suit a variety of needs. From smaller safes designed to house documents and jewelry to bigger enclosures designed for the storing of firearms and other equipment Silverkey stocks a massive range of trusted brands such as CMI, Chubb and Yale so you know you are getting the best possible product on the market.

We also provide the installation of the safe with our experienced staff able to work with you to find the best placement possible before carrying out the process of bolting it down which we always recommend. There is little point to a safe, particularly the smaller ones, if they can be simply picked up and carried away.

Looking for a Key Cabinet or Safe?

Talk to an expert about what type of safe or cabinet is right for your home or business.

    We provide the following types of safes for residential and commercial uses:

    • Home/General Use
    • In Wall
    • In floor
    • Fire resistant safes
    • Gun safes
    • Floor standing
    • General office
    • Data / digital media
    • Security filing cabinets

    Commercial Safes

    Whether it’s the protection of important documents or the days takings a commercial safe provides the most effective security possible for commercial businesses. They are a key deterrent to theft and robbery from both external and internal sources and will reduce your exposure to loss while also keeping everything inside safe in the case of fires, making them a great choice for any business.

    Domestic Safes

    Our domestic safes are designed to keep your valuables such as cash, papers and jewelry safe from opportunistic robberies and come in a variety of designs such as in wall safes, in floor safes and normal standalone. We have a variety of sizes that are made to suit any part of the home you may wish to house them and offer peace of mind that your most precious possessions are safe and secure.

    Fireproof Safes

    In a country such as Australia the need for a fire resistant safe can be paramount. Aside from the normal threat of fire in certain commercial buildings such as refineries we also have the yearly bushfires that can devastate entire landscapes. While losing a home or business to fire is always a terrible occurrence making sure that your most valuable papers, possessions and other important belongings are safe can be a little peace of mind.

    Firearm Safes

    Gun safes are not only a great idea for the safe storage of firearms, they are also mandatory under Queensland law. Each firearm has a different requirement for its safe storage and owning a large collection will mean the purchase of several different safes. Before purchasing a firearm we recommend giving Silver Key a call to discuss your requirements with a professional so that the safe may be installed before your new firearm arrives.